Andrew Goldis
1 min readJul 18, 2019


Hi Oscar! Thanks for taking your time and leaving the comment. I’ve read it through. Great to know you’re enjoying your employment with Amazon — as you’ve said, it is a huge organization and there must be very cool teams with talented managers!

Few thoughts about your comment

Corporate success and principe

I don’t think corporations business is dictated by principles / values. IMO, values / principles are intended to form the internal culture, in theory

Reality is that the culture is quite different from what is stated.

Business, (well, I was just a developer and didn’t see how business is done), I assume, is the result of the real culture and the not list of theoretical “principles”.

About principles themselves

Amazon is not the first company to adopt this “principles” tool. It exists at Intel, Google and many others. On my day 1 at Intel I received a small badge with company’s values — I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was very similar — Risk Taking, Disagree and Commit etc.

The point is that those values were not used in such an absurd way as at Amazon. I used them while writing my promotional documents, higher management used them in PR videos and during earnings report. People were sane about the values and gave them their reasonable place — background.

To Summarize

The Amazon’s principles are good by themselves, but how they are used is a hypocrisy and abuse.

P.S. All based on my personal experience and I might be completely wrong about everything :)