Andrew Goldis
1 min readNov 14, 2018


You just read an article of my personal blog that uses Medium as a platform.

It has a title

Why I quit Amazon just 5 months after I’ve started

… tells as story about:

  • how I was hired
  • how I relocated
  • what was my experience
  • why I quit

… and explicitly states in the summary:

I don’t know whether my experience is applicable to the rest of the company to other teams within the company.

… and

for now I consider Amazon as a great and unique business, but just an average place to work at.

Now please tell me, Firat, how did you get an impression that it is an objective review of Amazon as a company and a workplace?

If you want an more fair review, here’s some data for your consideration — comparing FAAMG companies Glassdoor / Indeed review score:

  • Amazon 3.8 / 3.4
  • Google 4.4 / 4.3
  • Facebook 4.4 / 4.2
  • Apple 4.0 / 4.2
  • Microsoft 4.1 / 4.2

and to your question, you could write about your experience in whatever bothers you, and that is, in general, the idea of having a personal blog.



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